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Take Your Rubber Chicken on a Date 2016!

The voting results are in!

The results are in and we have a winner! The results were surprisingly close, we almost had a three-way... er, so to speak.

Big thanks to everyone that entered and everyone that voted!!!

Looking for previous years? Here's 2012 Take Your Rubber Chicken to Dinner, and here's 2011 Take Your Rubber Chicken To Work Week, and here's 2010 Take Your Rubber Chicken Out Of The Closet.

NOTE: Click on the images below to see full size versions!

And the winner is....


"Beach Blanket Buff-o!"

By Dahlynn McKowen.

I think we can agree this one needs no further explanation, but that is one lucky clucker...

The best voter comments were, well, kind of odd...

  • "Sexy!"
  • "Break a (chicken) leg!"
  • "Love ya anyway!"
  • "Quack!"
  • "Ken!"

And our runners up...

"Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich"

by Pat Greenwell.

In which our plucky chicken finds itself in paradise... nice friends you have there, Pat!

Here are some choice voter comments...

  • "What a lucky chicken"
  • "Looking good there Pat"
  • "I was with Pat when he got his chicken, he named her Marilyn. Marilyn went to Hawaii!!"
  • "That would be my father... typical!!!!"
  • "Where's the beef???"

"I am a Chicken seeking a Man"

by Tina Caputo.

See what I mean about dating outside your species? Some of the best comments...

  • "Cluckity cluck cluck!"
  • "That is so wrong, but so right at the same time. Zorba (my rubber chicken) was frightened!"
  • "Your opt in mail list should say 'cluck..we mean click me' ;)"
  • "well done... I like chicken well done!"

"Marathon Date"

by Saraj Cory and Carmella Boudreaux, and featuring Henrietta.

No, not a "Netflix and Chill" gone horribly long and wrong, but rather an honest to goodness run of 26 miles 385 yards, with a rubber chicken by her side:

"I took my rubber chicken on an event date to the N*pa Valley Marathon. I was injured, so “Henrietta” got my bib (yes, I removed the timing chips). She ran with my friend, Carmella Boudreaux. Carmella gets props for running a full marathon with a rubber chicken! She also got a couple bottles of Twisted Oak wine from me. Carmela can be seen on course cracking up as she does a 'spin' for every photographer. Carmela and Henrietta had a blast, the race director says Henrietta MUST come back next year! Henrietta enjoyed the ride and excellent views of then N*pa valley."

Best comments:

  • "This clearly answers the age old question regarding the chicken and the road."
  • "Hands (and legs) down, the winner."
  • "I'm too chicken to go on a marathon date - so glad someone else is stepping up."
  • "Why did the chicken run 26.2 miles to cross the road?"
  • "Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk"

"New Orleans School of (Chicken) Cooking"

by Lillian Beahm.

"Twisted Few members Lillian and Michael Beahm and Klaire and Bob Mundy traveled from our home in Virginia to New Orleans in February. We invited the Rubber Chicken to join us. One of the highlights of our trip was attending a hands on cooking class at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Before we went, we gave Chicken strict instructions to behave. We explained to him that he was adopted from the Twisted Oak Winery in California and flew to his new home in Virginia. We also explained to him that our instructor Sarah Wood was a very accomplished chef who had worked with Chef Paul Prudhomme for many years. We told him it was very important for him to represent his Twisted Oak heritage and use his best manners. Did he behave? No! He was annoying and drove everyone in the class crazy.

"During the group picture he would not be still so Chef Sarah stuck his head in a cup of gumbo. He still would not behave so she stated that enough is enough!

"The uncooperative Rubber Chicken ended up in hot water! Well, not exactly. He begged for mercy and promised to repent. He was spared from the pan and spent the rest of the evening being pleasant and entertaining. He represented Twisted Oak very well!"

Best remarks...

  • "We dragged that chicken all the way to New Orleans. We should get extra credit!"
  • "Cluck cluck"

"Flamingo Lovin'"

By David Braun.

Like Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame, rubber chickens seem to prefer dating outside of their species...