Upcoming Twisted Few Shipments

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Twisted Few February Shipment

As is traditional the shipment is split between pickups and ships. Pickups begin Tuesday January 30th and ships go out starting on Monday February 5th. Just scroll down to see what we have selected.

If you can’t see your selections below, click “login” there in the upper right corner of ye olde web page. Then come back here and all will be revealed!

And remember you can change your selections to anything else that is available – and add to them as well! – but please do so no later than the evening of Sunday January 28th.

Shipping members – remember that once the order runs I may be unable to make any changes to the contents or the destination – so please get your updates in by the 28th!

You also have choices!

You can substitute any wine for any other, and you can add-on some bottles to make a case or more and save on shipping. You can choose anything currently for sale here, though some wines may have limited availability.

All substitutes and additions available while supplies last.

As always, if you prefer to have us make the adjustments, just drop us a note at tastingroom@twistedoak.com – but please do so by the deadline!