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Twisted Few February Shipment

All Twisted Few members will be receiving the always amazing 2016 The Spaniard as the featured wine! That blend of Tempranillo, Graciano, and Garnacha that is perfect for your “V-Day” dinner…

Everyone will also be getting the 2017 *%#&@! aka “Pottymouth” and also the 2016 The Thief (“Toro” Tempranillo).

The “Mixed” crowd will also find a bottle of our new Chicken Bubbles in their package. “CB” is a dry pink “methode champenois” sparkling wine that we’re sure you’ll love, and it’s perfect for those “V-day activities”. Wink wink.

Am I “overusing” quote marks? “Hard” to say.

The “Reds-only” folks will see a 2016 Murgatroyd rolling around in the box. And all Twisted Few Freak members will be getting the newly released 2017 Ol’ Chumbucket. Two blends that are only vaguely reminiscent of sausage making and legislation.

Twisted Few Mixed members: We are otherwise still out of white wines so you will be getting mostly reds with your Bubbles this time. However we do still have the Calaveras Rosa you can add or swap in! Just look here in the right hand column (desktop) or scroll down (mobile).

Twisted Few Blanco members: We have plans for you. Watch your email!

You have Choices

You can substitute any wine for any other, and you can add-on some bottles to make a case or more and save on shipping. You can choose anything currently for sale here, though some wines may have limited availability.

All substitutes and additions available while supplies last.

As always, if you prefer to have us make the adjustments, just drop us a note at tastingroom@twistedoak.com.

Those new releases to add or swap!

2018 Calaveras Rosa – a nice fresh Grenache-Syrah rosé blend!

Chicken Bubbles – yes, we now have a dry pink sparkler!

2016 Pig Stai – A vintage Port-style made from our own Touriga Naçional grapes! And a perfect topper to any great winter’s meal.

Upcoming Twisted Few Pickup and Ship Dates


Dates may change on a whim or upon the action of a public enemy. Hey, it could happen.

Pickup orders starting
January 29th, 2021 (pickup party still TBD)
mid-April 2021

LAST DAY for ship order changes
January 25th, 2021
mid-April 2021

Orders Ship starting
February 1st, 2021
mid-April 2021