We Wanna Hear From You!

Yes you – in the chicken suit!

Oh, the ways you can contact us!

By email! via tastingroom@twistedoak.com, or there’s a Handy Generic Contact Form somewhere on this page.

By phone! Dial 209-736-9080 between 11:30am and 5:30pm, at least – of course, at 3AM a clever machine will be doing the talking, if we can figure out how to program the *%#&@! thing.

By snail! USPS (like, postal, man) deliveries go to PO Box 2385, Murphys, CA 95247

By truck! Package deliveries (UPS, FedEx, etc.) go to 4280 Red Hill Road, Vallecito, CA 95251 (But for gosh sakes, if you have a big truck, use the second driveway!)

By carrier pigeon! We actually have no idea how to do this, but if you’re game we’ll give it a try!



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Requesting a donation? Please visit this page and use this form for the request!

“Handy Generic Contact Form”