No School Today at Twisted Oak!


Winemaker Ryan cruised by the winery and declared a snow day today! Four inches of snow may not seem like much but such a thing is not a daily occurrence in these parts. And up the hill, they’re getting feet. Maybe even meters!

And poor Jacques who was scheduled to greet you at the tasting room today said, “I am not going to be able to get out of my drive way and I have four wheel drive! I live 2 miles up a steep dirt road before I get to [other dirt road] and then 7 miles on steep unpaved [said other dirt road] before I get to [paved road]…!”


So whilst we are closed today – stay warm, enjoy these photos by Ryan, and open something yummy you’ve been waiting for a special occasion to open, because – hey – it’s Tuesday!

I’m thinking The Spaniard with my leftover (homemade) taquitos and leftover (homemade) refried beans. What bottle will you open?