The Twisted Few is Better Than Ever!

Check out all the features in the column to the right** In addition to the great discounts everything, we’ve got some great new stuff going on!

The Twisted Few is now a full member choice club! If you don’t like what we picked, you can change it up. You can even add to your shipment.

Check out the Calendar page for upcoming Twisted Few events, including Pickup Potties and The Cave Loot on June 17th! We hope you can (re)join us and we get to see you soon!

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Twisted Few Bennies!

Everyday discounts on all wines – even more during special sales!

Discounts on all merchandise in the store.

Discounted shipping – including no charge on orders of 12 or more bottles.

Shipments four times per year, roughly winter, spring, end of summer, and fall – plus our popular Summer Library Sale!

Don’t like what we selected for your shipment? You can swap out bottles, and you can add bottles too! Full member choice!

Twisted Underground Wine Experience – half price for you, the Few!

Complimentary wine tasting any time for you and your guests, from the extended list.

Discounts on upcoming events like The Spaniard Dinner.

Special fun Twisted Few events like the annual Cave Loot!

And of course, Dress like a Naughty Pirate – any time you want! (Please send photos!)

Six Bottle Options

As a member of the Twisted Few Freaks, you will get first crack at the small-lot wines – we affectionately call our “Rarezitas Torcidos,” aka our “Twisted Little Freaks.” You might see an unusual varietal selection, or even some Freakish blend we came up with late one night…

“We have a bottle of Twisted Oak almost every night. Happiness is the best revenge.” – Twisted Freak Louise B.

Join Twisted Few Freaks – Receive six Twisted wines, including two Twisted Freak reds.

Twelve Bottle Options

You are clearly a human entity that enjoys their Freakish pleasures in full case doses. You are the perfect candidate for a Twisted Few Super Freaks membership! You’ll get the most variety – including our small-lot Twisted Freak selections – and never want for anything ever again. Promise.

Join Twisted Few Super Freaks – Receive twelve Twisted wines, including up to three Twisted Freak reds.

Four Bottle Options

Take up thy mouse, and with a few clicks thou couldst enjoy some great wine and great benefits by becoming a Twisted Few member!

“I ended a complexly stressful day and indeed week opening up a bottle of The Spaniard with a meal of soy-lime marinated flank steak, roasted potatoes, stir-fried green beans and shishitos, and a chipotle-lime dipping sauce. By the end of it life was much better, and I wanted to thank you for your part in a much needed bit of decadence. I really missed your wines while I wasn’t able to be in the club, and it’s genuinely wonderful to be back.” – Twisted Few Elizabeth S.

Join Twisted Few Reds-Only – Receive four Twisted wines.

Upcoming Shipments may include…