These tasty sauces and pickles and condiments are available now in the tasting room! Scroll down to see what Twisted Oak wines they pair with, and some fun Twisted recipes.

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Also new! We have delicious Cherith Valley pickles and salsas back in stock!

BBQ Sauces

Apple Jack BBQ Glaze – Great on grilled chicken and pork. I got a whim and diluted it 50/50 with some Tempranillo, which gave it a little earthiness. Brush it on when the meat is almost done and continue grilling until it’s set. Pair with that there Tempranillo!

Apricot Teriyaki Sauce – Use as any teriyaki sauce. Brown some chicken thighs in a skillet. Dilute the sauce 50/50 with water or sake if you got some, and dump into the skillet. Low simmer, cover, and braise until the chicken is done, say 175 degrees. Flip the chicken once or twice along the way. Pair with *%#&@! Pottymouth.

Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce – tbd
Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce – tbd
Smooth & Spicy BBQ Sauce – tbd
Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce – tbd

Pasta Sauces

These sauces are a great grab and go for a weeknight meal. Add a protein and maybe some more veg and you’re done! All of these jars will do a pound of pasta, just toss and serve. Be sure to use your starchy pasta water to adjust the thickness while you are tossing.

Artichoke Parmesan – I made my favorite drop meatball recipe, like half a pound or so. Don’t brown the meatballs and thin out the sauce (1/4 jar of water or so) so it doesn’t burn while the meatballs are cooking. Try spaghetti or linguini. I’m thinking Murgatroyd for this one.

Classic Italian Marinara – I had a chunk of country style pork rib in the freezer so I want for it. In the crockpot went the pork and the marinara. A few hours later the pork is fall-apart so I just shredded it into the sauce. A dash of balsamic or red wine vinegar to brighten it up and you’re done. Serve with penne. Pair with Graciano.

Creamy Tomato Vodka – Brown your favorite Italian sausage of any ilk then simmer in diluted (1/4 jar, to prevent burning) sauce until done. Any pasta works here, really, but I like penne. Pair with *%#&@! Pottymouth.

Roasted Portabella Mushroom – This has a really nice mushroom flavor and is just fine by itself, but if you like mushrooms like I do – add more! Great as a side dish too with spaghetti or penne. Syrah or Tempranillo would be great with it.

Smoky Bacon Pasta – When I first tried this I did the drop meatballs as noted above with the Artichoke sauce and it came out great. Served over linguini. How about a smoky River of Skulls with this?


Yup, mustards and ketchup. You could do worse than slather these on your next burger or hot dog.

Brown Sugar Balsamic Mustard
Garlic Horseradish Mustard
Golden Honey Mustard
Roasted Garlic Peppercorn Ketchup
Sriracha Mustard
Stoneground Mustard


The Fire Roasted Salsa and Roasted Garlic Salsa are great everyday salsas with a milder heat. Hit up the Spicy Six Pepper Salsa for some extra heat, or the Spicy Chipotle Salsa for extra smoke!

Mango JalapeƱo Salsa – I found this to be not only excellent with tortilla chips but also as a veggie dip (aka crudite is snootier circles). Nice balance. Go for the Calaveras Rosa.

Roasted Salsa Verde – Instant enchiladas! Melt 1 Tbsp butter in a pan and whisk in 1 Tbsp flour, cook for a minute. Add a cup of chicken stock and whisk until smooth. Cook for a couple minutes until the flour cooks then dump in the salsa verde. Thin as needed with more stock and simmer say 10 minutes or so. Make your corn tortillas soft however you like, and assemble in a baking dish with cooked chicken and jack cheese on top. Bake at 400 degrees until bubbly, in my oven that’s about 20 minutes. Speaking of bubbly I’m having this with Chicken Bubbles!

Also Salsa Verde! On a whim I cut up some pork shoulder into 1-2″ chunks, browned them in a dutch oven, added a jar of the Salsa Verde and two cups of chicken stock, and stuck it covered into a dutch oven at 300 degrees for a couple hours until the pork was fork tender. I also add some cooked white beans that made it even better! You could do this with some Tempranillo, believe it or not.

Savory Spreads

Ancho Chile Spread – My notes say this was really good with hummus. I probably wasn’t on drugs so we’ll go with that. It’s also nice on eggs and I bet it’s also good in a quesadilla.

Roasted Tomato Chutney – I had some left over chicken, so I lightly toasted some bread and spread this on both slices and stuffed the chicken in the middle. Nothing fancy and it was super tasty. You could add lettuce and stuff but who has the patience for that. Calaveras Rosa all the way.

Sun Dried Tomato Bruchetta Topping and Tomato Basil Pine Nut Bruchetta Topping – Both of these are perfectly nice on a baguette. I got a bug to see if they would also work as pasta sauce and they do! Just make sure to have plenty of extra starchy water to manage the thickness. *%#&@! Pottymouth for sure.

Mango Ginger Chutney – Your basic good honest chutney. Seek ye a curry and have at it.

Pineapple Apricot Pepper Spread – tbd

Other Sauces and Pickles

Chili Starter – I have yet to try this as its intended use for chili, but it’s brilliant for instant red enchiladas! Follow the steps above for the Salsa Verde and skip the butter and flour. Just thin with stock. Make your corn tortillas soft however you like, and assemble in a baking dish with cooked chicken and jack cheese on top. Bake at 400 degrees until bubbly, in my oven that’s about 20 minutes. It’s nice and smoky and goes nicely with River of Skulls.

Tangy Thai Dressing – Instant Thai chicken salad. Lettuce, veggies, cooked chicken, toss with the dressing, top with a handful of chopped peanuts, and there you go. Pair with Calaveras Rosa.

Spicy Pickled Green Beans – OK, no wine pairing here. Slip a couple of these into your next martini instead of the olive. You’ll thank me!

Sweet Toppings

Just some yummy spreads for your morning toast, Apricot Pinot Grigio Spread and Blackberry Pinot Noir Jelly. Have a nice Chicken Bubbles mimosa, you earned it

And we have two toppings suitable for your next sundae. Apple Pie Ala Mode and Dark Chocolate Fudge. While the Pig Stai seems obvious for the fudge, I think it might also be good with the apple. Gotta try that soon.