New Merchandise, Food, and Clothing!

Come for a visit us and see! (No reservations required to shop.)


And yes we have several different Twisted Fashions in stock, including t-shirts, pullover hoodies, zipper hoodies, aprons, and… Vinderpants?

T-shirt and hoodie styles include Calaveras Rosa, River of Skulls, and the classic Are You Twisted/*%#&@! Yeah! design.

Sizes for all styles and designs are M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

The apron (pictured) also has the Twisted Oak logo style.

Clothing can be shipped via the USPS to any of the 50 states and even Washington DC!

What we have in stock changes daily so please call the winery at 209-736-9080 1130am to 430pm any day, to check for availability of colors and size, and to place your order.

River of Skulls T-Shirt and Hoodie

The River of Skulls design is available in black only, as a long sleeve t-shirt (pictured), short sleeve t-shirt, and pullover hoodie. The long sleeve T and hoodie also have “Are You Twisted?” printed on the sleeve.

Calaveras Rosa Hoodie and T-Shirt

The Calaveras Rosa hoodie (pictured left) is available in charcoal and cardinal red.

The Calaveras Rosa t-shirt (pictured right) is available in ash heather and cyan black heather (I swear I don’t make up these color names!)


“Are You Twisted?” Zippered Hoodies

The “Are You Twisted?” hoodie is available in both zippered (pictured left) and pullover styles (see below) – with “*%#&@! Yeah!” on the back.

The zipper hoodie is available in (clockwise) sandstone, charcoal, alpine green, and maroon.


“Are You Twisted?” Pullover Hoodies

The “Are You Twisted?” hoodie is available in both zippered (see above) and pullover styles (pictured left) – with “*%#&@! Yeah!” on the back.

The pullover hoodie is available in (clockwise) lagoon blue, maroon, paprika, heather dark green, dark heather, and (not pictured) indigo blue.


“Are You Twisted?” Long-Sleeve T-shirts

The “Are You Twisted?” t-shirt is available in and long-sleeve styles – with “*%#&@! Yeah!” on the back and “Twisted Oak” down the arm.

The long-sleeve Ts are available in cardinal (to the left), true royal (below, left to right), true red, burnt orange, and indigo black heather.

“Are You Twisted?” Short-Sleeve T-shirts

The “Are You Twisted?” t-shirt is available in short-sleeve – with “*%#&@! Yeah!” on the back.

The short-sleeve Ts are available in (clockwise below) black, indigo black heather, mint blue heather, cyan black heather, brown heather, and red heather (I sure hope this Heather lady is getting royalties…)