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Take Your Rubber Chicken To Dinner 2012!

The voting results are in!

The results are in and we have a winner! We had some very strong entries, but finally a winner emerged - yes, by a beak!

Big thanks to everyone that entered and everyone that voted!!!

Looking for previous years? Here's 2011 Take Your Rubber Chicken To Work Week and here's 2010 Take Your Rubber Chicken Out Of The Closet.

NOTE: Click on the images below to see full size versions!

And the winner is....

"Tahoe Chicken Dinner!" by Mary-Jean and Don St Claire

Mary-Jean and Don fattened up a very special dinner while up in Lake Tahoe, and... Don sure looks ready to eat it...! (Soundtrack: "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown Band)

Best comments from voters:

  • "Some people have way too much free time!"
  • "Why wasn't I invited????"
  • "Rubber Chicken on a Platter with River of Skulls - perfect menu!"
  • "Remember me in your will."
  • "<redacted>'s had wine from a baby bottle before. Ask her about it."

And, the very worthy and talented runners-up...

"Sonic Chicks" by Valeree Halsey

2010 "Spa Chicks" champ Valeree is back, with a trip to the drive-in.... (Soundtrack: "Little Deuce Coupe" by the Beach Boys)

Best comments from voters:

  • "And I thought drive ins went the way of the Doh-do birds; I guess I was wrong."
  • "Stunning dahling!!! Just stunning! and the girl looks good too."
  • "My vote is on behalf of the llamas."
  • "I swear I am not a llama..."
  • "Are we allowed to vote for ourselves?"

"Coq au Vin" by Tina Caputo

2011 "Chicken Blight" Champ Tina attempts to defend her title with a delicious "Ruben-esque" video entry! (Soundtrack: The theme from "The Third Man" by Anton Karas)

Best comments from voters:

  • "Once again Caputo blows us away with her ability to evoke a free range of emotion with poultry and wine!"
  • "The Chicken orders Beef... What a Cock & Bull Story! Someone should choke that Chicken."
  • "It was a tough decision. But how can you not vote for a chicken who orders Torcido with steak?"
  • "Hands down this video is the winner! How in the heck did she get a master sommelier to do this? Congrats Tina you are the rubber chicken queen in my opinion!!"
  • "What the cluck. Coq au Vin should win!"

"Were we invited FOR dinner, or to BE dinner?" by Dean Rising

It's pretty clear that someone kicked the bucket... (Soundtrack: "I Eat Cannibals" by Total Coelo)

Best comments from voters:

  • "Sick ba$ it!"
  • "Love the look on mr chickens face. Makes the whole thing so funny :)"
  • "Who are Llamas?"

"Chicken Noodle" by Lesley Byberg

We're just hoping that's a beef broth... (Soundtrack: "On Top of Spaghetti" as performed by Aloysius Snuffleupagus)

Best comments from voters:

  • "Reclucktantly..."
  • "The chicken can party, but Mister Miagi is a mean task master!"

"Tea for Earl" by Ann Anderson

Against all odds, Earl appears to have behaved himself, despite being "in his cups"... (Soundtrack: "Tea for Two for Tubas" as performed by the Vermilion Sailor Alumni Band)

Best comments from voters:

  • "See, he can behave in polite company!!!"
  • "Earl rocks!"