Winery Staff

We always thought that one day we would have bios and cool stuff like that that no one reads – but in fact it is all about the wine, and not about our special personal journeys. Someday, maybe we will get around to it. Nagging might work.

In the meantime you can enjoy this picture of some of our crew in their native costumes. As you can see, they are working hard to ensure that Twisted Oak is the best wine around!

Here’s a quick list of the crew, and their roles (such as they are):

  • Jeff & Mary Stai, El Jefe and The Queen (nuff’ said)
  • Nick “Master of his Own Cellar” Hancock – Assistant Winemaker
  • Jess – Cellar Mouse
  • Lynnie “I Love Weddings!” Woishnis – Event Coordinator
  • Andra, Karen, Jordan, Nicki: The Best Tasting Room Crew Anywhere!
  • Steve Collum is our vineyard manager! You can find out more about Steve at Maybe even his personal journey!