You still fill out the paper updates. This replaces emailing to – but you can still email there if you need to.

Staff update form

internal use only

  • Your email
  • If the person contacting is not the name on file, explain in the notes.
  • Did you make sure all their info is current and correct? The right answer is "yes" 🙂 If not explain in "Other notes". Please check for: any flags that need resolving, expired credit card, current shipping address, etc.
  • As of right now before any changes.
  • Explain as needed in Other Notes - like REROUTE ADDRESS
  • We can no longer do indefinite holds. Choose 5 for the longest duration.
  • Always try to find a way to have them just skip a couple shipments.
  • Anything that needs attention now, details needed from the checklist, make sure we know what to do with this.