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Take Your Rubber Chicken Out Of The Closet!

2010 Official Results Page

The results are in and we have a winner! The voting was very very close, but they won it by a beak, er, nose!

Big thanks to everyone that entered and everyone that voted!!!

And the winner is....

"Spa Chicks" by Valeree Halsey and Lorilee Koltai!!!

These hot chicks are cool as a cucumber! (Soundtrack: "Trois Gymnopédies" by Erik Satie)

Best comments from voters:

  • "I'm a spa chick wanna-be!"
  • "My husband just voted for pole chicks. So I need to counter that with this."
  • "Tough call, as they were all good. But seeing how I am desperate need of a vaca, Spa Chicks spoke to me. Cheers!"
  • "Some of the photos got obscene. It was hard between the scuba and spa chickens. But I love to relax with a good massage, so spa it was."
  • "Can I vote for myself?"

valeree halsey

"Flaming Chicken of Doom" by Jeanie Wigley and Justin Kohn

Wow, that really left a mark.... Jeanie said it was "just too horrible to recount what happened that night." (Soundtrack: "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa)

Best comments from voters:

  • "I hope PETA does not see this.."
  • "I like my rubber chicken well done!"
  • "I had to chose this one since it was the most daring of the chickens... although there were some injuries."
  • "Hey Maw! We're having fried chicken tonight!"
  • "Looks like the Smith men on the 4th."

"Pole Chicks" by Alissa Hartwig

This does in fact mark the first time I have ever seen a rubber chicken involved in a pole dance, hopefully not the last! (Soundtrack: "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics)

Best comments from voters:

  • "I'm ALWAYS impressed by a chick on a pole..."
  • "I think that the chicken is saying 'Take it off! Take it off!"'
  • "Our daughter at once alarms and amuses us =)"

"Deep Chicken, of the Sea" by Matt Harmon

Is that chicken breathing? I don't see any bubbles... (Soundtrack: "Aqualung" by Jethro Tull)

Best comments from voters:

  • "There are so many things I want to say about this.The only thing that could make it stranger would be if you were pole dancing underwater with that poor chicken. :)"
  • "Yipee Kya!!!"

"Stay-Cay Chicken" by Heather Lazarom

Heather said this was a "stay-cation" picture, and that he "loves doing cannon balls and is a master at the game Marco Polo", but I almost called this one "The Graduate Chicken". (Soundtrack: "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon & Garfunkel)

Best comments from voters:

  • "I want to swim with him"
  • "I love the Stay-cay Chicken...he's actually hanging out at my house down the street, because he got a little bored...oh, by the way, I just had a pool put in, so he's very happy here...just misses the wonderful meals made by Heather :-)"

"Dude Chicken, featuring Pokey" by Roxanne Pearson

I like the whole John Wayne meets Art Clokey sort of vibe here! (Soundtrack: "Blazing Saddles", as performed by Frankie Laine)

Best comments from voters:

  • "Perfect shot of chicken invoking Art Clokey Vibe,,,,,however could soundtrack be "Back In The Saddle" by Aerosmith?"
  • "That's awesome but where is Gumby?"
  • "How can I not print clearly?"

"The Tortoise and the Chicken" by Darrel Harris

Zorba the Geek returns triumphantly, if a litle slowly, over a path of rose petals. I would just like to emphasize that Zorba is sitting on a saddle. (Soundtrack: "Ghost Riders in the Sky", also as performed by Frankie Laine)

Best comments from voters:

  • "are you sure that's a saddle??"
  • "The use of the live tortoise makes Zorba seem all the more real."
  • "Yee haw!"