Assistant Winemaker Nick brought us 3 new kittens recently, and they’ve been acclimating themselves to the winery the past few weeks.

The kitties are hanging around the winery and tasting room in Vallecito to greet visitors and… do what cats do.

Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions – what a great response! And now we have names for everyone!

So I present to you “Thief” (the girl) and “Crusher” (the boy). You’ve already met “Tank” (the other boy).

They’re easy to tell apart – really! The girl Thief is the only one with a little orange in her fur (kind of calico I guess). Tank is the boy with the stubby tail. That leaves Crusher, with a tail!

So how did we pick? We wrote down the best names without knowing who suggested them. The entire staff weighed in on the decision. We took into account their personalities, we wanted names that suited them.

In the end, it turned out both names were suggested by the same person – congratulations to Lisa W. who won both prizes!

tank the cat



twisted boy kitty