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Current Twisted Few Info and Stuff

Shipment Details -- Pickup & Ship Dates -- Pickup & Ship Policies

Below are the current selections. You can click/tap on each wine below to learn more about the selections, and learn about food pairings and stuff. And if you are so inclined - and please do incline - you can write a review of any or perhaps even all of the wines!

You have Choices

You can substitute any wine for any other, and you can add-on some bottles to make a case or more and save on shipping. You can choose anything currently for sale here, though some wines may have limited availability. Email us and let us know what you want!

Below are all of the wines that may be featured in your April Twisted Few Selections! The first day you can pick up these selections is April 12th, and packing of shipping orders may start as soon as April 30th - at this point we may not be able to make changes - and shipments go out starting May 7th.

Don't forget you can request a substitution or add-on to your selections... Be sure to read your latest Twisted Few email for details. If you need to change or add anything, email us right away! 

All add-ons available while supplies last.

Twisted Few April Selection Details

All Twisted Few members (except Blancos, see below) will be receiving 2013 The Spaniard as the featured wine. You'll also receive the 2015 *%#&@!.

All Mixed Twisted Few members will also receive the 2016 Albariño and 2016 Viognier to complete your 4 bottles.

All Reds-only Twisted Few members will also receive the 2014 Murgatroyd and the newly released 2015 Petite Sirah to complete your 4 bottles.

For you Twisted Few Freaks, you get everything the 4 bottle Few get, and we've decided to grace you with 2 bottles of the 2014 Ol' Chumbucket.

You Mixed Super Freaks are getting the current Viognier and Albariño (2 bottles each). The rest of the box will have two Spaniards, three Chums, two *%#&@!, and a 2015 Petite Sirah.

Meanwhile, the Reds-only Super Freaks will find two Spaniards, three Chums, two *%#&@!, two Murgies, a 2015 Tempranillo, and two 2015 Petite Sirah.

And the Twisted Few Blancos will be sipping 2016 Albariño, 2016 Viognier, and that 2015 Albariño that seriously is tasting really good right now.


Upcoming Twisted Few Pickup and Ship Dates**

LAST DAY for ship order changes

April 29th, 2018

Pickup orders starting

April 12th, 2018

Orders Ship starting

May 7th, 2018

** Dates are subject to change and stuff

Twisted Few Pickup & Ship Policies

All Twisted Few wine club wines must be picked up at the winery in Vallecito. Sorry, there are no pickups in Murphys.

We request that you please try to pick up your selection within 30 days. However, if you get one or two selections behind we will happily hold on to the wine until you can get here to pick it up. But please do let us know your intentions.

If you personally can't pick up the wine, you can have someone pick it up for you. However please let us know in advance so that our staff knows this person is authorized to pick up your wine for you.

Once you have three selections waiting here for you, however, it will be necessary to put your membership on hold. We will contact you and let you know we have done this, and ask that you let us know what to do with the club selections you have purchased. (Really, we just need to know what your plans are. We'll happily hold wine longer, and release the hold, as long as you communicate with us.)

Also, 60 days after a selection has been available for pickup, or if it otherwise sells out, we reserve the right to substitute a wine of later vintage or equal value in the event the original selection has sold out.

Shipping Pickup orders: We would be happy to ship your pickup order(s) for the regular Twisted Few shipping rate whenever you need us to. We will endeavor to consolidate multiple orders to save shipping.

Also, if you have multiple orders to ship that add up to 12 or more bottles, the Twisted Few case shipping rate does not apply - you will be charged the regular Twisted Few shipping rate for every 12 bottles. 

packed and stackedClub Shipping orders: Up to two weeks before the ship date we will start running the orders, so that you have time to get us any last minute changes we need to know about. About one week in advance of the ship date we start packing orders, and once your order is packed and ready to ship we can't cancel it - it is packed and stacked with all of the other orders. We will always let you know what the deadline is via email before every shipment so that you can plan accordingly. (That photo at the right shows what packed and stacked looks like!)

Club Shipping Rates: While we do our best to keep shipping rates under control, we are at the mercy of the shippers' rates. Therefore, rates are subject to change without notice (alas, usually upward). Remember that shipping on a case is complimentary!

These policies, like every *%#&@! other thing in the world, are subject to change without notice.