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2011 Syrah
Wine Specs
Calaveras County
Barrel Aging
33% new French, Hungarian, & American oak
67% neutral oak
Alcohol %

2011 Syrah

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Now this is VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST COOL this Syrah down to exactly 58.73 degrees Fahrenheit before serving (you can borrow a lab-grade thermometer from any local youth group). Then (and this is even MORE IMPORTANT) you must IMMEDIATELY commence enjoying this Syrah with a bunch of friends, and of course, a RUBBER CHICKEN. That is ALL.

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
This Syrah is Big, Bold and Deep Purple in color. You’ll detect pronounced aromas of black cherry and blueberry, along with perhaps a little Smoke on the Water. You’ll taste Lazy flavors of cherries, leather, and incense. This is a wine that might make you feel like a Highway Star, but it might be better to stay at home and enjoy it with your Woman From Tokyo.
Vineyard Notes
100% Syrah from the Tanner Vineyards
Food Pairing Notes
Smoked Turkey! Or, Roasted Pork Loin with Tapenade, Lamb Stew, or even better... how about a Hamburger with grilled onions, mushrooms, and feta. Yeah, how about it?
Product Reviews
Chris Henderson's Gravatar
Chris Henderson
(Nov 22, 2014 at 4:00 PM)
Ahoy Mateys! As I was sharin with ya a bit earlier, me crew and I just returned from a nice bit o' raiding - and the plunder was quite good - two casks of wine we took from the bellies of the boats, and I'm onto drinkin the 2nd one now...The first one had Viognier 2012 stenciled on the side, but the one me boys just cracked open was a 2011 Syrah...a nice red wine...

This be a bit of a dark wine, me hearties, with the color of me red onions the cook was using for grub, leading to an inkier heart.

Sniffy Sniff Time - Smokin' maybe smoky blueberries...mashed blueberries and some smoke?

Tasty Taste Time - well, here there be blueberry fruit, charcoal, and some cedar wood. It's right smooth on the tongue too, but has a bit of sourness towards the end.

I've had a number of Syrahs, ye lads and lasses, and this one is middlin' to me tastes...give me more of the Viognier from the other night...actually, let me spike a bit of the Syrah with the Viognier to make me own blend...that's the ticket. Very, get both of those wines, and either drink individually, or blend to taste!

Rubber Chicken Thoughts, by Sir Cluckles - Bawk bawk bawk! Bawk-ba-Gawk! Bawk Bawk...Bawk...Bawk Bawk...Bawk!

Bas vers le haut, Mateys...Arrrr!

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