So, what’s new?

So, yes, it does kind of look like the old web site, at least the colors. We hope you like the new, more piratical and chicken-y look. But we also hope you spend a moment to check out the cleaner navigation, snazzy product page, and maybe spot a ghostor two in the machine…

Click over on the first menu item and check out the new product page. Instead of a drab list of wines you get some groupings that actually make some sort of Twisted sense. Move your mouse overone of the bottles and you’ll see a button that says “Quick View”. Give that a clickeroo….

I’m digging the new Quick View because it organizes everything you want to know about each wine – Overview, Profile/tasting notes, Geek-y stuff, and Reviews – yet it still easy to drop it into your Shopping Sack. (And I especially like that our Twisted Few and Twisted Freak members can clearly see their special pricing.) If you want, just click on the bottle and you can see the full page view.


The content of the rest of the site is pretty much unchanged, except of course the fact that we have brought El Bloggo Torcido back in from the cold and given it a home inside our cozy warm web site. In the coming months we’ll be adding more content in the form of local info and resources – kind of like Your Twisted Concierge – only different – and of course, new wines! In the meantime, stay tuned because I plan to continue blathering here on a very regular basis.