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2012 Pig Stai
Wine Specs
Calaveras County
Alcohol %

2012 Pig Stai

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375ml (half) bottle.

Made in the Port style with Touriga Naçional grapes grown in the Sierra Foothills. Port style wines are made from grapes picked with a higher sugar content than grapes destined for dry red wines. When most (but not all) of the sugar has fermented into alcohol, we add unaged grape brandy - basically wine distilled and not stored in barrels - to stop the fermentation. What results is a rich, slightly sweet, yet complex wine. And yummy too!

We called it “Pig Stai” partly on a dare, partly because it was the only way El Jefe was going to get his last name on a label (at least until pigs fly). And while it doesn’t really have anything else to do with pigs, we expect that you will find it tastes great with thick smokey bacon, two farm-fresh eggs over medium, crispy hash browns, and thick-sliced sourdough toast....mmmmm, breakfast...

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
One of our expert tasters noted that the Pig Stai had lively flavors and aromas, and noted that it was “sure to keep you regular.” While we appreciate the sentiment, we’re not quite sure that’s the message we were looking for - not to mention that the Powers That Be tend to frown on health claims for wine. Be that as it may, we think you will find a lot going on in this little bottle. Aromas of blueberries and blackberries combine with spicy aromas of cinnamon and vanilla. Flavors of raspberries and currants fill your mouth, and finishes with a long blackberry and spicy streak. We’d say this Pig Stai is certainly perfect for sipping at home, or when you are on the go, if you know what we mean...
Vineyard Notes
100% Touriga Naçional from St. Amant Vineyards in Amador County
Food Pairing Notes
Who doesn't like port style wines with aged cheeses? Spring for a nice chunk of Stilton and wash it down with your Pig Stai. Also tastes great with any smoked pork products, like, you know... BACON!
Product Reviews
Chris Henderson's Gravatar
Chris Henderson
(Feb 8, 2015 at 12:52 PM)
Ahoy Mateys! Well, well, well...we came into port the other night, and lifted us some "port" wine while there...heh heh sounded like a good'un, so surely they won't be missin a few barrels, right? Let's crack this open and have some!

After pouring some into me mug, here, I see a deep red onion skin color, with a touch of brick to the edges.

Sniffy Sniff Time - Strong aromas to this wine, me hearties. It will blow your nose off if you are not careful. Getting some blueberry notes, cloves, and maybe a touch of cinnamon. Also, getting some cedar notes.

Tasty Taste Time - Smoooth. Nice big fruit, with both blue and blackberries. Also getting some black currant. Very rich tasting wine here (not that I would know since it found its way into me hold when no one was lookin', eh?).

This is a very good port wine, tastes great, and settles the stomach after gorging on some meats, and taters. I have to remember to not have too much, as it wouldn't be doin good for me to fall over in front of me crew! This is potent stuff, here.

Rubber Chicken Thoughts, by Sir Cluckles - Bawk ba-bawk bawk. Ba-Gawk! Bawk bawk bawk. Ba-Gawk-Gawk!

Bas vers le haut, Mateys...Arrrr!

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