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Twisted Pinks!


Chicken Bubbles. — $32 [$24.00]

A Twisted Sparkler! It’s better not to know where them bubbles might be coming from a chicken, but the good news is that this methode champenois wine is really damn yummy! New wine!

2018 Calaveras Rosa. — $32 [$24.00]

It’s a Pink Skull! Your argument is invalid! A Grenache/Syrah rosé. A perfect wine for a warm Autumn day! Roast some non-rubber chicken and enjoy! New vintage!

Twisted Reds!

2017 *%#&@! — $29 [$21.75]

AKA Pottymouth! The most profane wine ever to sail the cheesy seas! A *%#&@! rockin’ red blend of 55% Mourvedre, 23% Syrah, 22% Grenache, and 31% unmentionables. New vintage!

2016 River of Skulls. $49 [$36.75]

The story is on the bottle, read it! The latest in a line of award-winning 100% Mourvedre from the Dalton Vineyard. Rich dark flavors taste great with dead things! New vintage!

2016 Tempranillo — $29 [$21.75]

100% Tempranillo. And I bet you need no help pronouncing it, but just ask if you do. Great with a thick ribeye – bone-in or boneless, we don’t judge – or anything else off of the grill!

2016 Touriga Naçional — $43 [$32.25]

This is a 100% Touriga Nacional, which makes a lovely dry red table wine. Even though it’s the number one grape used in Portuguese Ports, if you want a port, try the Pig Stai! Estate grown!

2017 Ol’ Chumbucket — $43 [$32.25]

With a name like Ol’ Chumbucket maybe it’s better not to know what’s in it… But it’s all good – we promise! Great with grilled spicy sausages & salumi – steaks – salmon or any ol’ chum you find laying around! Twisted Freak exclusive!

2016 The Spaniard — $49 [$36.75]

You’ll want six fingers to hold the glass! 50% Tempranillo, 38% Graciano, 12% Garnacha from our own vineyard in Vallecito. Oh BOY is this good with grilled foods, paella, or *%#&@! anything! New vintage!

2016 Graciano — $43 [$32.25]

Find out what makes The Spaniard so gosh darn ruggedly handsome. 100% Graciano from our own Willow vineyard at Twisted Oak Winery. Usually used for blending in Rioja and not usually bottled by itself, this is quite the easy drinker. New vintage!

2016 Murgatroyd — $32 [$24.00]

Heavens… to Betsy! You gotta try our “kitchen sink” blend of 38% Petit Verdot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 37% Petite Sirah – with a thick juicy Porterhouse steak!

2016 Pig Stai — $32 [$24.00]

The Pig is back! A port-style wine made with the traditional Touriga Naçional grapes grown right here at Twisted Oak. Great with aged cheeses (Hello? Stilton!), dark chocolate, and big ass cigars. New vintage!

Also Available to Purchase


2016 Torcido Garnacha — $43 [$32.25]


2016 Petite Sirah — $43 [$32.25]


2016 The Thief — $43 [$32.25]


2016 Red Hill Tempranillo — $43 [$32.25]


Cockamamie. — $22/$192cs [$16.50/$144]

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