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Take Your Rubber Chicken To Work Week 2011!

Vote For Your Favorite!

You can check out the TYRCTWW finalists below, and then vote for your favorite using the form at the bottom of the page. May the best cluck win! Last day to vote is April 11th!

"... Probe Chicken" by Jen Chaloux

Jen tells us: "I brought my rubber chicken to the hospital where I work." But it looks like Jen and co-worker Matt may have done a stint on a flying saucer! (Soundtrack: "Space Oddity" by David Bowie)

"Toot-orial Chicken" by Elissa Creighton

Elissa writes: "I work at a tutoring center and Rubber Chicken came with but got tangled in the tutor name tags... (btw, each tutor has a sticker that represents his learning style, and we found that Rubber Chicken learns best musically)." We can't help but notice that the sticker also correctly identified the most musical part of the Rubber Chicken's anatomy. (Soundtrack: "O Sole Mio" as performed by Le Pétomane. Seriously, that must have been epic.)

"Crash Test Chicken" by Danielle Dearing

Mercifully moving on to other parts of a rubber chicken's anatomy, Danielle relates a harrowing experience: "Nailed! A chicken really did fly into the windshield while driving out to a job site for work. The chicken was history, hence the Twisted Oak Rubber Chicken becoming an important part of our photo op." (Soundtrack: "Fly on a Windshield" by Genesis. Yes, really.)

"Video Conference Chicken" by Denni and Jim Oravec

Denni: "Jim and I both work from home, so it isn’t quite as exciting as the operating room or the airplane, but we thought we’d give Rueben a tastes of what our work day is like. Most of our time is spent on conference calls, so we decided to include him in one of our video calls and made him the “subject” of our staff meeting. He had his own chair and webcam to boot!" (Soundtrack: "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles)

"Chicken Blight" by Tina Caputo

I think this magazine cover speaks for itself... (Soundtrack: "I Heard It Through The Grapevine", as performed by Marvin Gaye. Cluck yeah.)

"Poet Laureate Chicken" by Gwendolyn Alley

Gwen: "Danika and I decided to take my son’s rubber chicken to our “Message in a Bottle: Ocean to Ojai” writing workshops. Our rubber chicken learned a lot about poetry, wine, and local natural history. We thought our rubber chicken was named Murgatroyd but we discovered that was a favorite saying (and Twisted Oak wine) not a name: Beverly is actually the name of our rubber chicken."  (Soundtrack: "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay", by Otis Redding)

Cast Your Vote Below!

Please, one vote per person/creature. Only your Email and your selection are required. (And if you think you know of a better soundtrack for any of the entries, please note it in your comments!)

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