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Twisted Few - Freaks - Mixed

Do you like our weird wines? Want a crack at the weirdest of the weird? As a member of the Twisted Few - Freaks Mixed, you will get first crack at the wines we affectionately call our “Rarezitas Torcidos,” aka our “Twisted Little Freaks.”

These Freaks are very small lot red wines - well under 100 cases - that might be a blend component of one of our slightly-less-Freakish mainstream wines (for example, the Graciano in The Spaniard) - or it might be a Freakish blend we came up with late one night....

(And once in a while - when we find ourselves between new Freak releases - you might even find an older bottle from the library in your shipment.)

Here are the great benefits for being a Twisted Few - Freaks Mixed member:

  • No membership fee;
  • Everyday 25% discount on all of your wine purchases;
  • Everyday 10% discount on all of your non-wine purchases - for things like Twisted clothing, rubber chickens, etc.;
  • Access to special low-production Twisted Freak wines;
  • Those Twisted Few reduced shipping rates!
  • Invitations to Twisted Few special events!
  • Opportunities to purchase aged wines from our wine library!
  • And of course, you can dress like a Naughty Pirate any time you want*!

twisted few freak mixAs a Twisted Few - Freaks Mixed member, you will receive a mix** of six bottles of Twisted Oak red and white wine - including two Freak wines - four times a year in October, December, February, and May - for about $135 per selection*** (plus taxes and shipping****, if applicable) - conveniently charged to your credit card.

NEW! For every selection you may add wines of your own choice to the wines we pick for you - save on shipping and enjoy more!

And - a Twisted Few membership is a great gift idea!

Now - can you beat that with a rubber chicken?

* Please send photos!

** Looking for just red wine? Twisted Few - Freaks Reds is the answer!

*** Actual price on your selections may be plus or minus a few dollars.

**** You may also pick up your selection at the winery for no additional cost. We'd love to see you! 


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