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Cave Loot 2016! Image

Cave Loot 2016!

A Twisted Extravaganza!
COME TO THE WINERY - Get your tickets at the door!
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/ complimentary twisted few passage (limit 6 please)
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/ additional guest passage
Just come to the winery and get tickets there!

Don yer piratical apparel and prepare for boarding**!

At the Winery in Vallecito on
Saturday, August 6th from 12PM to 4PM
for all of the debauchery festivities!

This event is exclusive to members of The Twisted Few and their guests.

pirate booty at twisted oak!Every year, around the beginning of August, a strange sort of malady comes over the members of the Twisted Few. Perhaps a slight eye twitch, a sudden affinity for parrots, a tendency to walk as if on a peg leg, and the occasional "ARRRRRRRR!!" creeping into their speech...

Fortunately, this is not a time for folk remedies from some poor old sod in a back alley apothecary... rather, it's time for that annual barrel-sucking day of debauchery -

The Cave Loot!

Returning to plain Queen's English for a second, the Cave Loot is a day of barrel tasting in the cave, yummy grub, and fun. It runs as an open house, so you can arrive any time and stay for a while. You will be able to taste several wines in tanks and in barrels in the cave; some of those wines will be available for purchase as "futures" which will be available for pickup or shipping to you at the end of the year. (Stay tuned for the list!)

So, Don ye now yer piratical apparel, and mark yer ship's log for August 6th - starting at eight bells, er, I mean noon and running until 4pm.

Piratical attire is optional but encouraged. (Especially that naughty little number you wore to the last office Halloween party...) Pirate costumes need not be elaborate - use your imagination and have fun with it! (Heck, staple a rubber chicken to your shoulder and call it a parrot!)

Passage to this event is complimentary to all Twisted Few members and up to 5 additional souls (that be meaning there be 6 total in ye boarding party). You may purchase passages for additonal guest mateys for just $10 each.

**I'm really not sure what I mean by that... OK, I lied, I know exactly what I mean by that.

The Cave Loot is an event exclusively for Twisted Few members and their guests.

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