2012 Picpoul
2012 Picpoul
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Peter Piper picked a pack of Picpoul? He would if he tasted it. Picpoul may not be something you've heard of, but if you like dry, crisp, acidic ("Picpoul" literally means "lip stinger") wines - this is for you!

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Peter Piper would perfectly pick a pack of this Picpoul. And a woodchuck wouldn’t chuck these aromas of jasmine, lemongrass, and spice. And when she isn’t selling seashells by the seashore, she’s savoring flavors of Meyer Lemon, white peach, and honeydew that’ll twist your tongue for sure!
Vineyard Notes
100% Picpoul from Dragone Vineyard
Food Pairing Notes
Fish Heads…. Roly Poly Fish Heads. Or, for the less demented, try with lighter fishes, like sole, or jon dory.
Wine Specs
Calaveras County
Barrel Aging
4 months in 100% all American stainless steel!
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