2009 Rolleri Tempranillo
2009 Rolleri Tempranillo
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Rarezitas Torcidos (rah-ruh-ZEE-tas tor-SEE-dos), [SP] n pl., 1. literally, Twisted Little Freaks. You’re holding one of those Freaks, even as we speak. A Freakish wine so Freakishly rare, only a few Freakish cases were made. This Freak hails from the oldest Tempranillo vineyard in Calaveras County, near the home of the jumping frogs, Angels Camp. A perfect wine for getting your Frog Freak on. Now hop to it!

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
The name “Rolleri” dates back to the beginnings of Calaveras County in the 1800s, and became famous in 1883 when Jimmy Rolleri hopped off a stage near Copperolpolis to hunt rabbits. When he caught back up with the stage he found it was being robbed by none other than Black Bart. A shotgun blast sent Bart running so fast he dropped his silk hanky - which was traced back his laundry and led to his eventual arrest and conviction (nice CSI work!) What does this have to do with Tempranillo? Nothing really, but you could imagine Black Bart enjoying this wine - with its aromas of currant, black cherry, & tobacco; and flavors of raspberry, cassis, & bing cherry - over a nice steak at Mitchler’s (now Murphys) Hotel...
Vineyard Notes
100% Tempranillo, Rolleri Vineyard
Food Pairing Notes
Great with marbled cuts of beef and lamb from the grill. Or try with traditional Osso Bucco or Lamb Stew. Sheep’s milk cheeses would be perfect, especially a soft one like La Serena . Also great with Manchego, as its slightly salty taste will soften the palate and complement the spice in the Tempranillo.
Wine Specs
Calaveras County
Vineyard Designation
Rolleri Vineyard
Barrel Aging
30% new American oak, 70% two-year-old French oak
Alcohol %
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