2009 Ol' Chumbucket
2009 Ol' Chumbucket
Twisted Freak for November!
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Avast! Dead men tell no tales, and the scurvy dogs who concocted this blend ain’t talking either. It may be the finest grog that ever graced the Spanish Main, or bilge water not even fit for swabbin’ the poop deck. Ask me parrot if ye wants to know. (Arrrr! This be the last time Cap’n Slappy be writin’ the tasting notes.)

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Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Arrrrr! What do ye with a bucket o’ chum? Why, ye puts in it ye glass, ye scurvy dog! So that ye might savor aromas of cherries, chocolate, and the finest allspice from the Spanish Main; and flavors of the blackest cherry, blackberries, and spice. Now git ye to yon poop deck!
Vineyard Notes
40% Tempranillo, 19% Monastrell, 15% Graciano,
16% Carignane, 10% Grenache
From Parcel 17 and Twisted Oak vineyards.
Food Pairing Notes
Tapas and Grilled Stuff! spicy sausages & salumi - steaks - salmon or any ol’ chum you find laying around!
Wine Specs
Kitchen Sink Blend
Calaveras County
Barrel Aging
30% new French, American, and Hungarian oak; 70% neutral oak
Alcohol %
Product Reviews
Jim Patton's Gravatar
Jim Patton
(Nov 19, 2012 at 9:33 PM)
I love this wine. This is my second favorite Twisted Oak wine right behind the Spaniard.

Ol' Chumbucket's Gravatar
Ol' Chumbucket
(Dec 18, 2012 at 2:34 PM)
I have to agree with Jim above. This wine is terrific, but much as I'd like to say it's my favorite, The Spaniard is even better. Still the wine that bears my name is awesome, thick and exotically spicy and a little fruity – just like me! remember, Chumbuckets are deep, and they have an air about them.