2012 Viognier
2012 Viognier
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Just sip one glass and you'll hear a tale. A tale of a tasteful trip. That started with this Viognier, aboard this winery ship. The mate was a mighty winemaker, the assistant brave and sure. The Twisted Few set sail that day for a winemaking tour, a winemaking tour. The weather started getting rough, the vineyard almost lost. If not for the courage of the cellar crew the flavors would be lost, the flavors would be lost. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah something something something isle, and Mary Ann, in this Twisted Oak Wine.

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
“It’s like going into a department store, and before your can say ‘Stop!’ some perky thing in a floral print blasts you with the latest from Yves St. Ralph!” Not this Viognier! Sure, you will detect hints of honeysuckle, but peaches take center stage upstairs in the Aroma Dept. Meanwhile, in the Flavor Dept. (1st floor, just past Lingerie), you’ll taste peaches along with apricot and honey flavors, finishing up with spicy acidity. Perfect for your holiday, or everyday, shopping experience!
Vineyard Notes
67% Dalton Vineyards, Angels Camp
33% Tanner Vineyards, Vallecito
Food Pairing Notes
He said creamy! Soft creamy cheeses, BBQ’d Chicken, Spanish or Asian dishes. Or how about: Grilled Viognier Prawns: Sauté garlic, salt, finely chopped mango and Pineapple, add Viognier and just enough coconut milk to make it a little sticky when the wine reduces. Add wasabi and minced ginger to taste. Marinate prawns in their broken shells 2 hrs and grill over plain charcoal.
Wine Specs
Calaveras County
Barrel Aging
33% 1-3 year French Oak 67% stainless steel.
Alcohol %
Product Reviews
Carol's Gravatar
(Jun 7, 2014 at 2:14 PM)
What a nice Viognier...and different too! Love the fact that it's not too sweet....definitely getting the apricots the figs and the peaches! Great Viognier! And great price!