2010 River of Skulls
2010 River of Skulls
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Gold Medal and Best of Show - Riverside International Wine Competition (2009 vintage)

In 1805, Lieutenant Gabriel Moraga was ordered by the Spanish Governor of California to explore the Great Central Valley and to (re)name everything he found.

One day Gabe came across a river the banks of which were littered with skulls. No one knows how the skulls came to be there. Perhaps an ancient battle. Or perhaps a really great party gone horribly wrong.

Whatever. Old Gabe, being a true master of the obvious, named this river "El Rio De Las Calaveras" or in english, "The River of Skulls."

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
With a name like River of Skulls, you know it has to be good... An ankle bone of cherry aromas is connected to the shin bone of blackberries, which connects to the knee bone of spice and perfume. The knee bone is connected to the leg bone of cherry, blackberry, and black pepper flavors, which connects to the hip bone, back bone and neck bone of a nice long vanilla finish. Oh Dem Skulls!
Vineyard Notes
100% Mourvedre from Dalton Vineyards, Angels Camp
Food Pairing Notes
Dead People! - just kidding! How about Lamb, Pork, and Risotto?
Wine Specs
Mourvedre / Monastrell
Calaveras County
Vineyard Designation
Dalton Vineyard
Barrel Aging
35% New French oak, 65% Neutral oak
Alcohol %
Product Reviews
Kent Reynolds's Gravatar
Kent Reynolds
(Jul 20, 2014 at 5:21 PM)
Wow! So many adjectives come to mind, but the two that keep coming to mind, sip after sip, are "bold" and "smooth".

This is a full bodied wine with plenty of big tannins, but those tannins are smooth as velvet!

There is a burst of oak and dark berry on the nose. Flavors of berry, chocolate-covered cherry, and spice coat the tongue and make mine very happy! The finish lingers on the back of the throat, with blackberry and spiciness leaving me longing for another taste. Delicious!!